Rural Electrification

Availability of power is one of the most important factors for economic and social development for any region. Towards the same goal of nation, where authorities are taking pre requisites steps to improve the situation, Vikran is offering the huge wide range of expertise of experience in Execution of distribution and related project as best solution provider in Rural Electrification.

With experience in EPC segment, Vikran Engineering is already an established brand in urban India. Furthermore, Vikran Engineering has also taken the gift of electrification to rural and remote areas, and is making a mark there due to its broad portfolio of work. Rural electrification is used for lighting and household purposes as well as for mechanization of many farming operations, such as threshing, milking, and hoisting grain for storage. In areas facing labour shortages, electrifying parts of the farming operations also allows for greater productivity at reduced cost

The Company has electrified more than 60 villages and has provided electricity to more than 1,89,000 Below Poverty Line (BPL) families. The company is capable of undertaking overhead, distribution lines projects encompassing pole mounted distribution substations, detailed engineering of the distribution line network, supply of various types of poles, pole mounted distribution transformers and related accessories, installation testing and commissioning.
Electricity is a basic need of life, and Vikran believes in fulfilling this need wherever it’s required. Rural electrification is just another step to realize this idea.